Building Bridges: A Masterclass in Marketing to Divorce Attorneys

As a mortgage professional, marketing to divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals involves understanding the unique position of divorce attorneys and their client's specific needs and challenges during and after the divorce process. You aim to position yourself as a valuable resource, offering solutions that benefit attorneys and clients - beyond mortgage guidelines.

4-Hours of Live Instruction with Jody Bruns via Zoom Webinar

Two Sessions to Choose From:

April 24th | 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern - Registration Closed

May 8th | 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern

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An incredible learning experience

Learn from the best in the business!

What is a masterclass? Experts in their area of expertise teach masterclasses, which cover more material at a deeper level than a workshop or webinar.

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Gain a competitive edge in the mortgage industry by learning how to market effectively to divorce attorneys.

Understand divorce attorneys' unique needs and concerns to position yourself as a valuable resource and increase your client base.

In-depth knowledge and practical strategies for building solid relationships with divorce attorneys.

Creating tailored marketing materials to networking tips and tactics.

Gain the tools to stand out in a saturated market and attract high-quality referrals.

Increase Your Income Potential

Increase your income potential by tapping into the lucrative market of divorce attorneys. With a consistent divorce rate, divorce attorneys need reliable, knowledgeable mortgage professionals to assist their clients. Please take advantage of this untapped opportunity; enroll in our masterclass today and start growing your business.

70% of all divorces in the U.S. involve real property

The divorce rate is 2.5 per 1,000 or 9 divorces for every 1,000 general population

Many divorcing homeowners have no choice but to sell or refinance their marital home. Be the solution.

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7 Step Lesson Plan

Your aim is to position yourself as a valuable resource, offering solutions that benefit attorneys and clients. Here’s an outline for the Building Bridges Masterclass:


Introduction: Understanding the Divorce Niche

Overview of the divorce process and the role of a mortgage professional.

Importance of specialized knowledge in divorce-related real estate and financing issues.


Module 1: The Divorce Attorney’s Perspective

Key concerns divorce attorneys have when dealing with real estate assets.

How mortgage professionals can address these concerns and add value.

Establishing trust and credibility with divorce attorneys.


Module 2: Financial Solutions for Divorcing Clients

Overview of mortgage financing options for divorcing clients.

How to handle joint mortgages and refinance options.

Strategies for helping clients qualify for mortgages post-divorce.


Module 3: Marketing Strategies

Identifying and reaching your target audience within the legal profession.

Effective marketing materials and messaging for divorce attorneys.

Networking and building relationships in the legal community.


Module 4: Collaboration and Communication

Best practices for effective communication with divorce attorneys and their clients.

Creating a streamlined process for working together on client cases.

Handling sensitive client situations with empathy and professionalism.


Module 5: Building Your Divorce Niche Practice

Steps to establish yourself as the go-to mortgage expert for divorce attorneys.

Developing a referral system.

Scaling your niche practice through testimonials and professional endorsements.


Conclusion: Next Steps

Action plan for participants to start marketing to divorce attorneys.

Setting goals and measuring success.

Q&A session for participants to address specific concerns or scenarios.


Supplemental Materials

Checklists for mortgage professionals and divorce attorneys to ensure all financial aspects of the divorce are considered.

Templates for marketing materials and communication.

A directory of resources for ongoing learning in divorce-related financial matters.

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Hi, I am Jody Bruns

Leading Authority, Educator, and Advocate

I am Jody Bruns, President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association, a platform dedicated to the unique intersection of divorce, real estate, and mortgage lending. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in divorce-related real estate transactions, I've dedicated my career to empowering mortgage professionals to navigate this challenging yet rewarding niche. Our goal is not just to facilitate transactions but to offer strategic guidance and support to divorcing clients during one of the most critical transitions of their lives.

I am thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Marketing to Divorce Attorneys masterclass, explicitly designed for mortgage professionals looking to expand their expertise and elevate their service offerings in this specialized field. This masterclass will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to effectively collaborate with divorce attorneys, ensuring you can add significant value to their practice and, most importantly, to the lives of divorcing clients. Join us to unlock new opportunities and become a part of a community at the forefront of making a difference in the divorce lending space.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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You have questions. We have answers.

Does this class offer a certification or designation?

This masterclass does not offer a certification or designation. It is a content-heavy course that provides an incredible learning experience. It will help you understand divorce attorneys' unique needs and concerns and position yourself as a valuable resource.

Should you decide to get CDLP® certified in the future, we will apply this course registration to the certification course.

Is this class about mortgage guidelines?

As a mortgage professional, you should already understand mortgage guidelines. This masterclass builds a bridge between the needs of the attorney and client to the financial obstacles divorcing homeowners face and how you, as a mortgage professional, can provide solutions and strategies.

Does this class offer business development strategies?

That is the main point of this masterclass!

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