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Real Estate Mediation Specialist (REM-S™) Certification

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REM-S™ Certification Course Launch Date:

June 15, 2024!

Last Chance to Save $200 is June 14th

Elevate your expertise and become an invaluable asset in divorce proceedings while expanding your divorce mortgage planning services.

Course Highlights:

Enhanced Professional Reputation and Referrals: A professional with mediation skills is perceived as a highly skilled and empathetic professional who can navigate complex financial situations with sensitivity and expertise. This attracts referrals from attorneys, financial advisors, and other divorce professionals, leading to a wider network and increased business opportunities.

Stronger Client Relationships and Loyalty: Mediation skills enable you to build stronger relationships with clients by fostering trust, understanding, and cooperation. This positive experience translates into increased client loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, further bolstering the your reputation and business growth.

Expand Your Services: As a professional with mediation expertise, you'll be uniquely positioned to guide clients through complex real estate decisions, offering comprehensive solutions and a more holistic and compassionate approach to divorce mortgage planning.

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Enhance Your Reputation by demonstrating your commitment to professional growth and expertise.

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